Ich bin ein Berliner: Apparat

***I N T E R M I S S I O N***

Just before putting back on my bikini and leather sandals and go on (& on & on) about my summer holiday adventures, and while the lucky ones amongst us are still basking somewhere in warmer, sunnier climates, I think it’s the right time to take a cool break and go back a couple of months… May in Brussels marks Les Nuits Botanique. A music festival bringing together new, breeding talent and well established groups, over a fortnight of pop-rock-folk-electronic bliss.

A quick look to the line-up showed Apparat was going to present his latest work, Krieg und Frieden. Heart skipped a bit, tickets bought on the spot, a long anticipation and the night of nights was – endlich!! – there. The great thing about festivals is that you get a whole lot more than your favourite gig. Most of the time it’s a great discovery and our night was no exception.

aufgang cover

Aufgang from France (and Lebanon and Luxembourg) opened the evening. Three men playing with just the right amount of insanity to avoid asylum but still draw attention. A bit like the movie Speed, only faster and furious-er… Their music was described as electro/baroque/ experimental. To me, absolutely un-label-able. They certainly got the audience’s attention toward the middle of their first song. Brace yourselves and listen:
https://soundcloud.com/aufgangofficial. If I hadn’t watched them live I’d think it was some kind of music software. It’s not. They’re for real!



Next gig was Suuns from Montreal. Another first for us, but that’s only because we’re ignorant as Suuns have been around since 2006. Warning: Addictive. Hypnotic music that clings to your brain – like a drug: https://soundcloud.com/tags/suuns.



Apparat cirque

And, finally, to the highlight: Apparat. They played for us Krieg und Frieden, their latest work commissioned by German theatre director Sebastian Hartmann for his 2012 production of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. We have been following the extraordinary evolution of Sascha Ring and his various collaborations for some time now, ever since we discovered the unparalleled Walls. Later, I was so captivated by Rusty Nails (with Moderat) that it became my second favourite song, ever. But with Krieg und Frieden, Apparat elevated his  sound to a whole new level. The entire house vibrated, literally and metaphorically; it felt like a lifting, spiritual experience. I urge you to listen to Krieg und Frieden live, if ever new tour dates and places somewhere near you are added; if not, just put on your earphones and listen – after dark.  https://soundcloud.com/muterecords/apparat-krieg-und-frieden-a.

Cirque Royal, Saturday 11.05.2013, Les Nuits Botanique

Apparat krieg und frieden


3 thoughts on “Ich bin ein Berliner: Apparat

  1. Sounds amazing! I’ve listened to some of the music that was performed at the Botanique on deezer and thought that it was quite good. I shall have to make a note of this in my calendar for 2014 : )

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