[Retro London] Spitafields & Brick Lane

What do you do in London on a rainy, chilly Sunday? You ignore the unfriendly elements of nature and join the bustling crowd of young and young-at-heart Londoners, curious tourists, vintage and retro lovers, and waste some decadently spent hours under the protective umbrella of the Old Spitafields Market, at the heart of the East End.

In between clouds when the rain takes a break, you continue to Brick Lane Market for its charmingly chaotic ambience; truly a melting pot of nationalities and languages, a kind of harmonious Babel that gods need never destroy. They know that if they did, life would get boring. If they did, there’d be no more Ali Baba’s caves with *pre-loved* clothes and furniture and vintage records and cameras, no more chic little designer boutiques, no more indian, pakistani, turkish, mexican, curry stalls and restaurants.

There would be no more of these:


DSC_2110The vintage paradise would be an unattainable dream:


But thankfully, the Devil of Prada is sleeping on Sundays:


And the Spitafields Market is well guarded by this intimidating fellow…


… that is scaring the Dirty Dicks back to their naughty, frothy brewing vault!


By the way, in Spitafields and Brick Lane, every day is Sunday; sometimes even a sunny and sweetly warm one!

photos by Konstantinos Implikian

London, 24-29 April 2013

to be continued…


4 thoughts on “[Retro London] Spitafields & Brick Lane

  1. A local resident told me that Dirty Dicks has a Miss Havisham (reverse the gender) backstory to it… but I don’t know how true that is! Lovely pictures. Jx

    • Many thanxx (on behalf of the photographer). It did seem a place with great expectations! Had to google Dirty Dick, what with a name like that; according to wikipedia the local resident was apparently right.

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