[Entertaining] London: BFI Southbank

On the south bank of Thames at the end of Waterloo Bridge, there is a huge building complex, the Southbank Centre. Next to it sit the British Film Institute (BFI) and the National Theatre. Thus, from Waterloo Bridge all the way up to the London Eye, you have an enormous area all dedicated to art & culture!

No wonder the advertising flyers we received somewhere alongside the riverfront boasted that here you will find:


The BFI was the place we kept returning to; you can spend all your day and still come back for more to this lavish temple of entertainment! There is always a good reason to step in, whether you are a film enthusiast, a student, a professional or just a passer-by.

You can participate at a discussion on Doctor Who at 50 (if you live in a parallel dimension where tickets keep multiplying to meet the demand):


BFI Southbank, 15th June 2013

The BFI is much more than a place to catch a good movie. They collect, preserve and restore – mainly- British titles and make them accessible to a wide audience in cinemas and at home.

They hold the world’s richest and most significant collection of film from the birth of cinema to today.

At the BFI Mediatheques, you can watch over 2000 complete films and TV programmes free of charge.

In the library you can access a huge collection of books, journals, documents and audio recordings about the world of film and television.

They also collect posters, scripts and other artefacts:


… from the film Excalibur:


… and Ms Mirren’s original costume!


In BFI you can enjoy a good film or just unwind with a friend over a drink and a bite in the lounge bar, which is actually an open space with very comfy armchairs and sofas…

lounge bar

… very, very comfy sofas:


… or you can spend a lot of time and money on books, posters and DVDs, in the shop:


Our treasures of the day: Doctor Who, The Greatest Show In the Galaxy for the pleasure of our inner Whovian and an Alan Bennett box with recorded BBC productions dating from 1972 to 1994…

The 70’s style Dalek that guards them speaks; along his usual hysterics the ultimate battle-cry: Seek-Locate-Exterminate!! The most versatile cry ever… I can think of a number of befitting occasions for it!


It goes without saying that if I lived in London, BFI would be my second home!

Photos: Konstantinos Implikian and BFI website

London 24-29 April 2013

To be continued…


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