Bia Mara: a pleasant [fish & chips] surprise…

BiaMaraThis will definitely sound weird but, just the other day, I had the best fish & chips I could possibly imagine… in Brussels! I was just coming back from London(!!) and had to go downtown for some essentials… These include honey from La Maison du Miel in rue du Midi (the best honey shop in Brussels), and freshly ground, exquisitely aromatic coffee from favourite spot, Corica. As it was past lunch time, fellow shopper and I thought that a visit to our cool newcomer, the Fish & Chips place that opened recently just a few doors down the street, was in order. We found: superfresh, sustainable, daily supplied fish. Healthy. Crunchy with panko breadcrumps. Chips with their skins. Fresh, homemade sauces and mouthwatering side dishes. Eclectic selection of Belgian beers. Unpretentious, friendly service. Either you go for traditional or opt for a more adventurous combination, there is no way you’ll be let down, this stuff is exceptional. Oh! and we shared a box; portions are very generous. Check their menu on line or better, just pop by and indulge! Follow their facebook page for news… and there’ll soon be great news, I couldn’t help overhearing! These Irish guys are doing magic. Thanks to them, for expats and native Bruxellois alike, life just became a bit more delicious….

Two words: Bia Mara


Rue du Marché aux Poulets 41, Bruxelles/Brussels


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