[Seventies. Whatever You Like] @ Costume and Lace Museum, Brussels – 21 April 2013

DSC_1834iThe Costume and Lace Museum is a usually laid-back little museum, in an un-usually quite little cobbled street, in the periphery of the crowded, world famous Grand Place/Grote Markt, the city’s glorious main square. Created in 1977 and housed in a modern, especially converted building with its 17th century façade kept intact, its purpose is to safeguard, collect and showcase the rich textile heritage of the City of Brussels. Which includes Lace. Lots of it. And, incidentally, some gorgeous frocks.

Along their ancient and contemporary laces and embroidery collections, there are annual themed fashion exhibitions. This year none would be more fitting than a full house of ’70s designs! I was too young to appreciate ’70s fashion really; didn’t care much for the sudden invasion of generously flared trousers, especially on men, paired with long hair and those huge sideburns that seemed to grow everywhere… But I did love to try on mum’s embroidered dresses, choose anything from the new mini-midi-maxi lengths, balance (barely) on her huge platforms and brighten up with vivid blue waterproof creamy eye-shadow and cakey make up. And I still wear her black leather blazer, some 40+ years later… timeless and cool as ever!

So why go to a museum for some ’70s flair when, these days, you can just pop by any shop, vintage, second hand or just plain multichain? Cause you can spend a couple of guilt-free hours of looking at all these original designs sitting side by side.  And don’t forget the healing powers of chromotherapy: beats a rainy day any time…







DSC_1855i                    DSC_1857i                    DSC_1854i

DSC_1860i                    DSC_1880i                    DSC_1862i

DSC_1882i                    DSC_1874i                    DSC_1876i


IMG_2045i                     IMG_2042i                 IMG_2040i


DSC_1858i                    DSC_1869i                  DSC_1864i


DSC_1896i                   DSC_1901i             IMG_2085i

IMG_2089i                   IMG_2088i              IMG_2079i

The Costume and Lace Museum,

Rue de la Violette/Violetstraat 12
1000 Brussels

Seventies, whatever you like exhibition, until 2 March 2014


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