Vintage Market @ Brussels, 07 April 2013

483845_625530194139232_363671384_nThe first Sunday of every month, is Vintage Market day. Lately, it takes place in the historic building of Halles St. Géry, in the centre of Brussels. Once upon a time, there was an island sitting on the river Senne. It was called the Grande Ile. In the middle of this island, in the 16th century, people built a church and called it Saint Géry. But at the end of the 18th century they demolished the church and replaced it with an obelisk surrounded by a fountain. The place became an open market. Then, around 1870 the river Senne was covered and the island was no more. The people thought they should cover the market too. Thus, in 1882, the building known as the Halles Saint Géry was raised. The fountain and the obelisk are still inside it.

Halles St. Géry, then:



and now:


On a different note, every six months, an EU member state holds the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union.  In the first half of this year, it’s the turn of Ireland. So how does the Vintage Market connect with Ireland’s Presidency, one might rightly ask. Well, during this six-month period, there are all sorts of events showcasing every country’s cultural heritage and currently Brussels is flooded with exhibitions, music, performances, all about Ireland! And last Sunday’s vintage market had a flair of ‘7os and a wall-to-wall exhibition by Irish artists.  Francis Bacon was there; looking uncertain, a bit bored maybe:


Heaps of second-hand-vintage-retro & retro-looking goodies around the fountain and above:



Stacks of lovely shoes, old and new:


I wanted this one but was two sizes too big:


Marie Bigoudie was there too, with her undies and briefs purses – too cute!


Last Sunday was also the first day of the year with a suspicion of warm weather and the spring that never was! All the kids were out and about and sitting on the block… life seemed good again:



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