De Ultieme Hallucinatie/The Ultimate Hallucination @ Brussels

65478_295861197180177_266169868_nHallucinations involve sensing things while awake that appear to be real, but instead have been created by the mind, states the Medical Encyclopedia.

This splendid mansion of 1841 is not a hallucination. It’s original, it’s art nouveau, it’s a legend and a very real part of Brussels’ heritage. After a couple of renovations which only added to its splendour, it has been converted to a brasserie (and even a nightclub at some point) since the ’80s and went on to become the favourite hangout of the local community and visitors alike. Until about 3 years ago when, to the everyone’s dismay, its retiring owners closed it down. But since a couple of months, De Ultieme Hallucinatie is back, under new ownership and its future looks promising.

Stepping into the house feels like entering an Art Nouveau Museum, only touching, sitting on, laying back and relaxing is allowed (and encouraged by the friendly staff). Few places offer such access to Brussels’ elegant Art Nouveau past as De Ultieme Hallucinatie. Photos don’t do it justice, the place is just stunning. Oh, and did I mention that the food was delicious too? A selective menu list, traditional Belgian cuisine, prices ranging at average Brussels level. Très correct, as my fellow Bruxellois would say!

Photos by Konstantinos Implikian and from De Ultieme Hallucinatie facebook.

Koningsstraat/rue Royale 316
1210 Brussels


9 thoughts on “De Ultieme Hallucinatie/The Ultimate Hallucination @ Brussels

    • And I think it gets better and better every time! There’s always something to discover, and the place has such a good vibe… So, you know what to do next time you’re in Brussels, right 😉

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