Museum Night Fever (bis): Cinquantenaire. Brussels, 02 March 2013

A long walk and a couple of drinks later we bid farewell to the colourful and noisy Autoworld and left for the mystical and eerie Museum of Art and History, right next door. Under its endless arcades it houses national archaeological artefacts from prehistory to the age of the Merovingians; finds from Egypt, the Near East, Iran and Classical Antiquity; treasures from China, South-east Asia, Central Asia, cultural Islam, America and Oceania. Bottomline, at least a couple of days are necessary to manage everything. On a Fever Night however, it’s the feeling that’s important. Here is to sharing our experience…

Sophisticated crystals:

Ambient light & sound inside and in the courtyard; a little spooky sometimes…

Spheres: three-dimensional view of the universe, as observed in 1575; celestial globes; planets; precision instruments; and time-pieces. Time*And*Relative*Dimensions*In*Space…

A music and dance duet performing in Latin in the Greco-Roman hall:

Walking in the steps of Native Indians with these soft, exquisitely beaded moccasins; the warmest Alaskan gear: necessary to brave March in Brussels; a colossus from Easter Island!!; the most elegant puppets in the South-East Asia gallery… I think these are from Burma.

Always glad to get this kind of Fever…

Photos by Konstantinos Implikian


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