Museum Night Fever: Autoworld. Brussels, 02 March 2013

Museum Night Fever is held once every year, usually beginning of March. A number of museums and galleries stay open until 1 am and, on top of showcasing their permanent collections and exhibitions, they organise music, theatre, light and sound shows & performances. All with the help of young volunteers, art students and artists, getting together in a veritable orgy of creativity. For this year’s (6th) edition the fever spread over 23 museums and the programme was richer, stranger, eerier than ever before… After some careful planning I came up with a great list of events spread over four venues, absolutely do-able… or so I thought. This year we decided to start with Autoworld and the Royal Museums of Art and History housed in the Cinquantenaire complex, then continue downtown. At 1 am we were still in Cinquantenaire and actually ushered to the exit but the weary staff. A friendly alien from Azerbaijan had joined us, a dear friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. We’d lost track of time, managed only about a quarter of our plan, still I’ll have to split my report in two, if not it’d be a giant post!

Let’s start with the cars, at which point I’d like to make clear: I’m not into cars at all, got a basic technical knowledge (need-to-know basis), I drive less than 1000 km per year – mainly when travelling – and I don’t own one. On principle. But I love vintage, design and beautiful things, all of which I found in Autoworld’s vast collection. Just have a look at these beauties:

I was really impressed by the detail on this model. Aluminium, great woodwork, elegant metal fixtures. Even a lock on the front side wing! It’s an FN 1930 – Type 1400. FN was one of Belgium’s longest-lived car makers. They built cars between 1899 and 1939. FN stands for Fabrique National d’Armes de Guerre and, as the name suggests, they were mainly building armaments.

We stumbled upon these cute aliens:

And this. If it looks like an amphicar it’s cause it is an amphicar – fully complying with maritime regulations too!


But what I really want is this Batmobile:

Coming up next, is a short walk in a couple of wings of Art and History Museum: glass, light, time and space.

All photos, courtesy of Konstantinos Implikian.


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