Sigur Rós @ Forest National/Vorst Nationaal Brussels, 26 February 2013


Listening to Sigur Rós confortably at home is an escape… A concert, in a venue of the size of Forest National/Vorst Nationaal – holding about 7.000 and packed to capacity, is a whole new experience.
Their more recent work compliments older favourites like svefn-g-englar or ný batterí and new visual effects add another dimension… their music is a trip, as always.

When I listen to Sigur Rós, I see volcanoes and thick steamy lava veins
Fjords and glacial valleys
The northern light and husky-pulled sleds and camp fires in the snow
Dreamy rocky landscapes
I see enchanted forests and hot springs in midnight sun
I see the ancient origins of life…


The music of Sigur Rós is mystic and explosive, bewitching and elegiac like their native Iceland… I find this the perfect embodiment:


In Brussels, they were supported by the very talented Blanckmass, who makes some great noise!

col fn

Sigur Rós continue their tour. They will return to Belgium in July (rock werchter). I hope you can catch them somewhere close to you; hey, it’s a small planet!

Captures from Valtari mystery film experiment: 11 dauðalogn by ruslan fedetow and 12 fjögur pínó by anafelle liu, dio lau and ken ngan & Ekki múkk (moving art).


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