What the Body Does Not Remember, 16 February 2013 @ KVS, Brussels

UVThere we were, back in KVS, a short three months after nieuwZwart, only this time Wim Vandekeybus beamed us back to when it all began: late in 1986, Ultima Vez were formed… nine months later, in 1987, their first ever choreography was born. It was destined to take the world of dance by storm, be acclaimed and awarded and form the group’s future… This year it was revived on the occasion of their 25th anniversary…

What the Body Does Not Remember is raw and organic. The dancers react to – and are guided by – their instincts in an earthy, aggressive, repulsive, arrogant, combative choreography. Then again they bond, become tender and caring, vulnerable but strong in their togetherness.

A dangerous performance (no inverted commas here,  I was at the edge of my seat most of the time)…The dancers had to face each other and protect themselves from the elements: flying objects across the stage, from chalk(?) blocks (looked very light but – still – the thought of them falling onto the wrong place was quite unpleasant) to chairs, interchanged with towels and even feathers. The dancers were waiting underneath until at the last moment others pushed them away, caught the objects and threw them to someone else all the way across the stage. The occasional accident-waiting-to-happen added to the drama.UV 2

Accompanied by the music of Thierry De Mey and Peter Vermeersch, a choreography of absolute precision and control… except for the feathers: how can anyone really control the little rebels drifting anywhere the wind blows, after all…

A performance-signature, sharp and dramatic for the audience, exhausting for the dancers: characteristics repeated in Wim Vandekeybus’ subsequent works, already in place and clearly recognizable.

UV colMy Body will definitely remember! Ultima Vez are now on tour; you can catch dates here.


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