Athens, February 2013

In the days following dad’s D-day I was sad, exhausted, scared of the present, the future and of growing old, but mostly numb… Found myself among a crowd, family but also strangers I’d never met before, too much activity & noise. And an ocean of very unpleasant administration… I was grateful for my partner’s support, company, kindness, zen presence and tolerance of all of the above… The little time we had for ourselves, we spent walking around  Athens, the long-suffering Greek capital with the gloomy future, deeply troubled society, facing an economic and political standstill… No matter: Athens will always be beautiful, her famous light shining, depending on where you look… So we took a random look at the rooftops and the view to other rooftops, buildings bathed in winter afternoon light, gardens with lemon trees, doors, staircases and grandiose entrance halls, the Acropolis Museum by night, our favourite bookstore, shop windows and clouds and lazy dogs… there is no strolling in Athens without bumping into our lazy stray best friends…


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