For Alexandros, 1943-2013

Alex & Pippo

Alex & Pippo

Alex lived life to the full. In fact, Alex lived many lives. From his youth in his native Thessaloniki, to London and Basel, travelling around the seven seas, to his last resort in Athens, he fought, seized life, drunk it to the last drop…He enjoyed, loved, loathed, worked and played with determination, devotion and unquenched passion.

Alex was a great salesman… so great it would have been impossible not to convince the most stubborn challenger that ‘his’ product was all one ever needed.

He went on to create his own ’empire’ in the world of shipping… a worldwide organisation managing a fleet of dry bulk carriers of considerable size…

He was momentarily defeated by the first Gulf war, back in ’90s, but Alex was not of the fainthearted sort: he fought back and, although never regained his empire, he placed his huge experience and knowledge to the benefit of others in the shipping world. He was a workaholic: able to continue for days on end with just a few hours’ sleep, countless phone calls, endless packs of smokes, lots of Johnnie Walkers, loud arguments countered by old fashioned anecdotes…

Alex was charmed by women and they loved him back: married three times, got two children and two great grandchildren. He fell in love passionately and unconditionally and when things went wrong he gave up everything without the slightest hesitation… well, almost… let’s just say, there may have been some regrets…

We were not a conventional pair: in the recent years we were not in close contact, yet remained really close in our own special way… Imagine my shock when I received the dreadful, worried phone call telling me he was rushed to hospital… by the time I got on a plane and reached the wretched hospital, his condition had deteriorated to the point of no return…

On 30 January, Alex sailed away quietly having fought his cancer alone, choosing not to buy time, believing this would only prolong his -and our- agony on the way to the inevitable… we didn’t have the chance to talk about it but I know…

Alex was a fighter, brave, true to his principles. He lived on his own terms and died on his own terms…

Alex was my dad and I am so very proud to have been daddy’s little girl…


10 thoughts on “For Alexandros, 1943-2013

    • Thank you for your kind words, Virginia! I’m not sure about strong… I got from numb, to sad, to being philosophical and acutely aware of my own mortality… Guess these are recurrent cycles throughout one’s life but they are really emphasized when one loses a parent…

      • I do understand Lia. Gradually these feelings change. Become less intense. I lost my daughter to cancer two years ago and although the pain has lessoned it is still there – just below the surface. Waiting to break-out when least expected. It all just takes time. Virginia

      • My warmest thoughts are with you Virginia… Life is far from being fair; but our loved ones are always with us, in all the things we lived and those the future holds… in time… in time…

  1. I still remember the stocky and bass voice of Alex in Basel before many many years.I still remember the proud man who I had met. I would not like to do and say nothing more than to drink a whiskey in his memory and this i will do.Be proud of him Lia.

  2. Rest in Peace, Alex.

    Lia–I was just telling my son, who was born after my father died, that it’s not because our parents are gone that we cease to have a relationship with them. You know that already, of course. I merely wanted to offer a few words of sympathy, rather than trite condolences. Your father is very much alive in your beautiful post. So much more meaningful than a dry eulogy. I believe somewhere a star is shining just a little brighter.

    Be good to yourself.

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