Purgatorio @ Bozar, Saturday 10 November 2012

Did you not know that people here are happy? 

Our group certainly was! I bet so were the rest of them last week, Wednesday through Sunday. The concept of Vincent Dunoyer‘s and Rudi Meulemans‘ continuous collaboration on this second part of Dante’s trilogy, Divina Commedia, was one of these smart ideas which afterward seem simple and obvious, but only after someone came up with them… Hey, of course, why not use the whole Bozar building [Centre for Fine Arts, built in 1928 by Belgian Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta] as our stage and invite people to a metaphorical climb, like Dante’s ascent to Mountain of Purgatory on the far side of the world!!

Accompanied by our guide, we wandered around the garage, a roomful of books, boxes, notes & publications, public spaces, unused rooms with paint chippings and old unpolished floors, exhibition rooms, staircases and corridors, up and down and then up again…. Climbing the staircases of Bozar one actually climbs the Mont des Arts without even realising… On our metaphorical quest we -like Dante- went through the seven terraces, the seven sins of the gate of Purgatorio, and on our way we met an array of “hindrances”: a dancer, a singer, a performer, a painter, a narrator, a poet, guided us through a labyrinth of emotions until “our soul was purified” at the end of our journey. Which was the top of the mountain, on Bozar’s roof. The evening was cool and humid. It had just stopped raining and Brussels was reflected on the wet roofs around us and below. And the last sentence of Purgatorio was transmitted in Morse code.

(Canto XXXIII)

“From that most holy wave I now returned
to Beatrice; remade, as new trees are
renewed when they bring forth new boughs, I was
pure and prepared to climb unto the  …   –   .-   .-.  …   “.

And then we were ready for heaven…

Vincent Dunoyer and Rudi Meulemans invited Griet De Geyter, Jan Martens, Jeroen Peeters, Gunther Vandeven, Bruno Van Dijck, Jo Deseure, Krijn Hermans, Vincenzo Carta, Ina Geerts. Video Wim Catrysse – Paintings by Bruno Van Dijck


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