A piece of National Azerbaijan Technology reached Brussels on Monday 22 October 2012

… thanks to my dear friend who has recently decided  to live in Azerbaijan and thought to shed some light on our ignorance by informing us of the true extend of the National Azerbaijan Technology… Am I thinking about a technologically advanced device? A new extravagant oil pump mechanism? A sci fi pumpjack designed to increase the volume of petroleum extraction? A futuristic design for the construction of the highest building ever? Nay, Oh! world, I’m thinking about the single most advanced aspect of N.A.T., a masterpiece of craftsmanship, the creator of  these hugely rare gems featured here.

Labeled Eurovision or Chateau Marie is of little importance; behold, ladies and gentlemen, this is not an ordinary wine: it’s created, bottled and labeled by means of the National Azerbaijani Technology, for distribution -to those in the know- by this year’s Eurovision host country.

Will I treasure it? Of course I will! It’s, after all, not every day that I come face to face with a piece of brilliant, scientifically advanced, technology! Just the thought of it makes me dizzy!..

Will I drink it? I might as well… I always wanted to get a fluorescent halo or even just a golden glow about me…




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