A lazy Saturday afternoon stroll, a vintage market and a garden by night, Brussels 20 October 2012

I take it so easy on weekends, it’s usually after 3 pm I finally manage to emerge and connect to the outside world – if at all… But on that particular Saturday I wanted to check out the Second Life Festival, a monthly gathering of vintage shops under one roof, in La Tentation, rue de Laeken.


Somehow this place looks better in pictures, the lovely arrangements, the make-up corner and the movie playing for no one in particular… you get the picture…  After some extensive shifting, hunting and sniffing through and through, another addition to my growing vintage and retro wardrobe and the obligatory cupcake…

… time for a coffee for two at Greenwich Taverne, rue des Chartreux;  always a pleasure, cosy though huge, although one might argue that it’s lost some of its past splendor since the recent extensive renovation, let alone the disappearance of the chess tables… not that I mind personally, I could never reach that level of patience to become a chess player… Anyhow, it’s still a cool place, located in one of the coolest areas of Brussels, a street lined with cafes,  bars, the sweetest tea-room, high-end cloths shops and vintage ones too.

It was already dark when we started getting back.. Passing by  Mont des Arts we came across an ultraviolet mystic garden and a pink ribbon…


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