B0DYSC4PES by 1minute69 @ Nuit Blanche Brussels, 06 October 2012

In one of the soirées organised during Nuit Blanche, we bumped into 1minute69, an artist collective from France, who came to Brussels with their amazing project B0DYSC4PES; an audio-visual creation, an interaction between human body and digital technology. A smooth cocktail of sound, 3D tracking & video mapping and body language, which *I promise* will alter your perception of time and space. Performed in a dark, cosy, empty *but for digital equipment and cushions on the floor to-make-us-feel-at-home* room, at the far back of the Galeries Cinema, we were instantly immersed into their fluid universe… They were my latest discovery and really worth keeping an eye on.. Please check their website for videos like this one http://vimeo.com/33032335, projects and performance dates.


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