DEAD CAN DANCE @ Cirque Royal Brussels, Saturday 29 September 2012

FI-NAL-LY, I had the privilege to join the lucky few to this long-awaited concert! Especially emotional as I’d never had the chance to see Dead Can Dance live, before they went their separate ways… I understand most people had to wait 16 years for a new album and tour, but for me it has only been 10… since, until the beginning of 00’s, I was living happy in my ignorance!! From then on, my life became just a little bit better, thanx to these guys, with their magical music and captivating voices, so when their tour dates were announced, I promptly grabbed the chance to get hold of a couple of tickets to a concert that was -practically- sold out, in a matter of hours!

How annoying then, that precicely on Saturday, I was feeling so-very-under-the-weather, coming down with some early autumn flu virus… Not that it stopped me from going, oh no! Here I was, stuffed with a double dose of medication, which at some point brought me to a high state of meditation, helped also by the otherworldly sounds of DCD…

How very appropriate when Brendan Perry came up with this 30’s rebetiko song ‘Eimai prezakias/I’m a junkie’, originally sang by Roza Eskenazi:!

And how nostalgic for us Mediterranean folk, listening to songs from the new album ”Anastasis”, a collection of sounds from the Mediterranean, from Greece and Turkey across to North Africa…

Thanks to Dead Can Dance, our lives became still a little bit better…


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